Bisherige Projekte

2015 Sarah Canzani – Album (Songwriting/Recording/Instruments/Mixing)
Sarah Canzani Soul Album

2014 Rimshackle – Demo (Recording/Mixing/Mastering)

2014 „Calling Cornwall“ by Musikverein Reitnau (Recording/Production/Mixing/Mastering)
MV Reitnau

2014 Swiss Gospel Choir & Swiss Gospel Voices Live Doppelalbum (Mixing)

2013 Single Sarah Canzani (Single, Instruments/Recording/Mixing/Mastering)

Hand Me the Sun
Sarah Canzani
Portofrei & günstig kaufen bei

2013 Trefors (EP, Instruments/Recording/Mixing/Mastering)

2013 Sheee (Demo, Instruments/Recording/Mixing/Mastering)


2013 Cathryn im Duo (Demo, Recording/Mixing/Mastering)


2013 Annie-May Mettraux (Demo, Recording/Mixing/Mastering)


2013 Peter Rüegg (Album, Mixing/Mastering)

At home

2012 The Sundowner (Single, Recording/Mixing/Mastering)


2012 Tonix (Album, Recording/Mixing/Mastering)


2011 Malfunktion (EP, Recording/Mixing/Mastering)

2011 Sheee (Demo, Instruments/Recording/Mixing/Mastering)

2011 Babes Of Glory (Demo, Mixing/Mastering)

2011 Sarah Huber (Demo, Recording/Mixing/Mastering)

2010 Manuela Seiler (Album „Neui Ufer“, Producer/Arranging/Instruments/Recording/Mixing)

2009 Gunvor (Single „Don’t Judge“, Producer/Songwriter/Arranging/Instruments/Recording/Mixing)

2009 Sphere (Album „Once Upon A Place“, Co-Producer/Arranging/Recording/Mixing)

2008 b.M.zee (Album „Music For Car Chases“, Producer/Songwriter/Arranging/Instruments/Recording/Mixing)

2008  Oliver Benz (Album „The Curtain“, Co-Producer/Arranging/Instruments/Recording/Mixing)

2008 Loufonq (Album „Long Story Short“, Co-Producer/Arranging/Recording/Mixing)

2008 Emashie (Album „In The Mood“, Co-Producer/Arranging/Recording/Mixing)

2008 Sulco (Album „Move Your Back Part“, Co-Producer/Arranging/Recording/Mixing)

2007 Sarah Buck (Album „Personality“, Producer/Songwriter/Arranging/Instruments/Recording/Mixing)

2007 Hörspiel „Alli Chend an Bord!“ (Recording/Mixing/Mastering)

2007 The Superstar DJs (Song Production „Mescalito“, „Work“, Producer/Recording)

2007 Black Tiger & MC Rony (Song Production „Los mr zue“, Vocal Recording)

2007 Just A Hype (Album „Café Voltaire“, Co-Producer/Arranging/Recording/Mixing/Mastering)

2006 Poles Apart (Demo, Recording/Mixing/Mastering)

2006 Spirit Of Hope (Album „Freedom is coming“, Live Recording/Mixing/Mastering)
2006 Seven (Album „Live @ Cargo Club London“, Producer/Mixing)
2006 Seven (Album „Lovejam“, Producer/Arranging/Instruments/Recording/Mixing)
2005 Knecht (Album „Für immer isch jetz chürzer“, Producer/Arranging/Instruments/Recording/Mixing)
2004 Seven (Album „The Birthday Of My Drummer“, Producer/Mixing)
1993 Groovinx (Album „Run For Cover“, Co-Producer/Songwriting/Arranging/Instruments)