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The Asset – June 2015 – NOT UNCONDITIONALLY
(c/o Canzani/Huber)

I like you – I want you

Please don’t tell me much about you
All I need is someone to give love to
It could be him, it could be you
And instead of me you could have someone else too, but

I like you – just a little bit
I want you – but only part of it
I like you – but not dangerously
I want you – but not unconditionally

This is not about you and me
Love affairs like these come and go
But I like that with you it’s so easy
Not much about you I need to know, but


I don’t wanna know what you came for
What we have is good because it’s not more



The Asset – May 2015 – KITTY CATS
(c/o Canzani/Huber)

Heavy rain in the nightclub
Pouring down from the walls
All systems ready to go
Waiting for my call
Coming home from the day life
Into a blinding night
No drugs but adrenaline
Ready for a love fight

You better watch out
Kitty cats have sharp claws
You better learn how
To make them yours

Slowly creeping up on you
I’ll make you ruffle my fur
You won’t see any velvet paws though
But I’m sure you will purr
You’re inside my territory
Should have known all along
This kitty wants her love
And she wants it strong


One majestic tomcat
More lover than prey
I wanted you to be with me, still
I don’t want you to stay
You’ve been a good tommy now
I’m gonna lick you clean
Nine lives on the dance floor
And that’s just me


The Asset – April 2015 – 回家 (Getting Home)
(c/o Canzani/Huber)

The smell of love lingers
I can’t get it out of my room
Time is slipping through my fingers
I wonder will this be over soon
I really wanna listen to my heart
but it whispers so softly
you are close to me but it seems so far
please just hold me

Let’s get back, get back
to where the light comes from
step back, step back
to the way that leads you home


A thousand melodies surrounding me
And life flows
But when I try to catch one of them
It breaks into empty notes
Can’t something wrong be right
Can you see the world when you try to hide
Are you really you and am I me
Or are we caught by what we call reality


Sometimes we tend to forget where we come from
or where we belong to
and maybe we try to find an answer all around the world
instead of remembering our roots


The Asset – March 2015 – Crime Scene
(c/o Canzani/Huber)

The moonlight reveals the place
That brings back old memories
They’ve been carefully stowed away
In a corner inside of me
Reminding me of the cruelty of your crime
I tried to keep them away from my mind

I am back at the crime scene
Back at the crime scene
Where my soul starts to bleed coz your words start killing me
I am back at the crime scene
Back at the crime scene
Where you tell me you‘re leaving
you want me to see that your heart stopped loving me

A whiff of your aftershave
Your favourite cd on a chair
An old picture of your face
Tags of memories everywhere
Reminding me, ferocity of your crime
It’s catching up with me, time after time


You keep mistreating me
I see myself bleeding
My heart stops beating
I start believing
I’m falling again